DigitalBoost's 12 Tips
of Christmas

1. It’s all about the Christmas presence

Maintaining your digital presence over Christmas is key. You might be winding down for festivities, but your customers might not be. Ensuring you have a plan for customer enquiries, reviews and after-sales support can be key to the customer experience. You can also schedule social media posts in advance to make sure you stay… present.

2. It’s time for Christmas shopping

How can you improve your customer’s shopping experience this Christmas? Gift wrapping service? Freebie? An additional touch during the festive period can help create brand loyalty making them more likely to become repeat customers. Explore our helpful e-Commerce guides and sign up to our next online sales webinar.

3. A time to get together…

Did you know that DigitalBoost offer free 1:1 digital support? Why not get in touch with your local office and set up a meeting to chat through your business goals and next steps.

4. Ding dong! Christmas opening hours

Make sure you update your Christmas opening hours so your customers know when and where they can reach you.

5. Let it SEO, let it SEO, let it SEO…

When people are ticking off the Christmas shopping list online, they’re most likely searching key terms on google. Optimising your search engine rankings can help get your business to the top of the page, maximise link clicks and encourage purchase.

6. How the Grinch stole data!

Christmas might be a time of goodwill, but there’s still a risk of online security breaches. Listen to our Cyber security: Tips to keep your business safe online podcast episode or come along to our online security webinar to make sure your business and customer data is kept safe.

7. The gift of social media

Unwrap all the ways you can use social media to engage your audience and reach new ones. By running competitions and encouraging existing customers to share posts you could see your following grow organically. Explore our social media guides and tune in to our podcast episode on how to guarantee long-term social media success.

8. Keeping Christmas green

Christmas is a great time to go greener. There are lots of simple steps you can take to improve your sustainability, and your website is a great place to start! You can compress your images to minimise the amount of energy it takes to run or switch your hosting provider to one that runs on clean energy. Tune in to our Digital sustainability: How to have a greener website podcast episode or read our website sustainability guides for more tips.

9. A gift from DigitalBoost

Did you know we offer free webinars on a whole host of different digital topics? Whatever you need support with, we’ll have a session that’s right for you. Explore the scope of our webinars here.

10. Finding the right (Christmas) markets for your business

Like pulling together the much-anticipated Christmas dinner, you want your product or business launch to run smoothly. Check out our guide on how to manage the pre-launch of a product or business here. Plus, you can request free research from our research service to develop and grow your business or idea.

11. New year, new you.

New year is the perfect time to take stock and set new business goals. Why not use our Digital Health Check to find out how we can help improve your business’s digital performance in 2023.

12. A Christmas Card from DigitalBoost

To keep your digital activity merry and bright all year, sign up to the Business Gateway newsletter here.

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